5 fin Bonzer bottom and fin configuration, with deep double concave starting forward of the fins and carrying out through the tail. Increase your style points and feel the Bonzer glide.


Full outline with the wide point moved forward allows for maximum paddle and planing power. Ride this one 3 - 4 inches shorter than your shortboard.


We've processed the feedback from our riders and the result is something very special. Moderate entry rocker to keep as much of the board in the water as possible and extra sharp edges on the rear third of the bottom generate plenty of speed.


As the name implies, the Grenade is explosive! Super drivey, not just off the rail but down the line as well. Shortboard throttle with a "fishy" feel. The full outline provides and assist through the flat spots of the wave.


Our Machete model is a work horse in a variety of lineups and wave conditions. Similar in spirit to our Revolver model but with a slightly narrower tail and fuller foil.


R.T.L - Rip, Tear, Lacerate. "The Pocket knife". Everything you need to rip in a nice, compact package. Short, stubby outline and low entry rocker. 


This is our brigade between the drive of a fish and the performance of a shortboard. We took a classic shortboard style outline, compressed it at the nose and tail and added a "hip" just forward of the fins.


The Revolver's elliptical outline, wider tail and flatter rocker help it fly down the line and skate through sections with ease.

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